Social Media Posting Program

Mastering Your Social Media And Specialty Training For DIY Entrepreneurs

Are you someone that likes to

Maybe you want to save some money, you want control of what is posted or maybe you Master Your Social Media (want more information about Mastering Your Social Media? Look in the marketing tips to your right).

This Program Is For You!

This program gives you three valuable tools to start this process.

A program that allows you to schedule your post weeks or more in advance. This allows you to create your posts anytime and post them at strategic times. You can also do a whole week’s worth of posts at once but have them drop to up to seven of the most popular social media programs.

Training – 
• How to add your own content easily – The recipe for success in posting to social media
• How to get more followers on your social media accounts
• How to be more engaging with your posts
• How to get more internet reviews and how to use them on social media
• Getting groups to work for you and your products/services

• We also have new content being readied regarding Clubhouse, TikTok, Alignable, and more.

We have three weekly posts that you can use to break up the posts you put in so it has some additional flair and flavor. These include Motivational Monday, Quote of the Week, and Engaging Friday.

What one of our customers has to say about this program

I have been on the Social Portal for about 2 years now and it has been very nice to have posts scheduled in advance so that I don’t have to always remember to do them myself. The Portal lets us set posts in for a specific day and time so we can set it and forget it! Boyd has been extremely proactive in helping me get this done and make a difference for my business. I highly recommend Boyd Petersen and BP Media with the Social Portal program. Give them a try and you will not regret it!

John Turner
Precision Device Repair

Zach Peterson said:

Boyd is awesome! I’ve been using his services for a couple of months now. I started with a few hundred followers, and now I’m at 1500+! He really knows his stuff, would definitely recommend him to anyone 👍

This program was originally $149 without the training program (training value $299)

These additional posts are designed so you can add your own content and use this engaging content to break up the posts

Here is a calendar of what we provide and then you can approve them, edit them or delete them and then add your own posts, too.

This is how your calendar will look (if you are using the three times per week program) before you add your own content. Your own content will also appear on the calendar once it has been placed. 

Example of Motivational Monday posts

It’s a whole new week and you can reach for the moon. You only get there if you plan your week now.

Example of Quote of the week posts

Example of Engaging Friday posts

What are you planning for this weekend? 

3 times per week posting

We will give you three (occasionally 4) posts ready to go that are engaging, inspirational and motivational each week. One each of Motivational Monday, QOTD, & Engaging Friday. You can then schedule in as many images as you would like to post. It’s easy to add your own post in.

This is great for those that want to have engaging posts help them with their custom content.

For example:
A chiropractor uses this program to put one post a week for the chiropractor, one for their massage therapist and one for a nutritionist. That gives them 6-7 posts per week. 

This program has cost $149 in the past and will go back up for those not getting it now. You will receive it for this price as long as you continue.

Here's What You Get With Our Social Media Posting Program

 Social Portal Pro scheduling program – Schedule up to one year in advance, as many posts as you want in a day or week. Includes posting to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Tumblr.

 Over 20 hours of training videos that teach you about using social media, setting up your covers and profiles, using groups, and much more about getting more prospects (value of $450)

 Three posts to help breakup your social media – Includes Motivational Monday, Quote of the Week and Engaging Friday posts. All can be changed, updated, or deleted. (value of $199 per month)

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